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MangoPtr::ObjSharing< oshiptype > Class Template Reference

#include <ObjSharing.hh>

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Detailed Description

template<OwnershipType oshiptype>
class MangoPtr::ObjSharing< oshiptype >

Policy implementor for strict ownership and shared usage.

The shared ownership policy is encapsulated by the template specialization for OwnershipType==OShared. Strict ownership is simple, several methods return hard-coded values, or simply forward the call to the base class.

Definition at line 37 of file ObjSharing.hh.

Public Methods

 ObjSharing ()
 Default does nothing special.

void swap (ObjSharing &rhs)
 swap two strict owners

ObjSharing & operator() (void *optr)
 is object pointed to (optr) valid? call this to set usage sharing state from value of optr

bool destructNeedsDelete (void *optr) const
 Does pointer need deleting? If ownership sharing policy is strict, pointer can always be deleted.

size_t getCountOwned () const
 get how many owners are sharing ownership

size_t getCountUser () const
 get how many users are sharing usage

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