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Mango-ptr Library Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
MangoPtr::BLink< OType >A "Better Link", a kind of pointer that can be validated
MangoPtr::BLinkable< ID >Derive from this class to make your subclass a BLink'able object
MangoPtr::BLinkable< ForOwnedBy::Wrapper >Owned objects (containers and pointers) inherit from this specialization just to make obvious the fact that they can be used with BLink
MangoPtr::CheckedPtr< T >Proxy class that stands for a pointer
MangoPtr::CntrCleaner< T >Class that implements an adaptable container cleaner
MangoPtr::CntrCleaner< std::pair< T, U > >Specialization to handle pairs and maps etc
MangoPtr::CntrCleaner< std::queue< T, U > >Specialization to handle std::queue
MangoPtr::CntrCleaner< std::stack< T, U > >Specialization to handle std::stack
MangoPtr::CntrCleaner< T * >Specialization to handle pure pointers
MangoPtr::CntrCleaner< T *const >Specialization to handle pure const pointers
MangoPtr::CntrCloner< Container >Generic cloner class for objects of type Container
MangoPtr::CntrCloner< Owned< T, OStrict > * >Specialization for pointers to Owned objects, in case of nested Owned containers
MangoPtr::CntrCloner< std::map< T *, U, V, W > >Specialization for std::map
MangoPtr::CntrCloner< std::multimap< T *, U, V, W > >Specialization for std::multimap
MangoPtr::CntrCloner< std::multiset< T *, U, V > >Specialization for std::multiset
MangoPtr::CntrCloner< std::set< T *, U, V > >Specialization for std::set
MangoPtr::CntrCloner< T * >Partial specialization to deep-copy pointers, uses new()
MangoPtr::CntrClonerSorted< Container >CntrCloner that works for sorted containers
MangoPtr::ObjSharing< oshiptype >Policy implementor for strict ownership and shared usage
MangoPtr::ObjSharing< OShared >Policy implementor for shared ownership and shared usage
MangoPtr::Owned< CntrType, oshiptype >Owned container of pointers
MangoPtr::Owned< CntrType &, OShared >Shared owned container of pointers
MangoPtr::Owned< OType *, oshiptype >An owned pointer, aka "an owner"
MangoPtr::Ownership< OType, oshiptype >Transaction object that represents the ownership of an object on the heap
MangoPtrPrivateNamespace::PtrUsageSharingBase class that encapsulates the use of a validator to track the usage validity of an owned pointer (as opposed to tracking the ownership validity of the owned pointer)
MangoPtr::SharedValidityA validator that can be shared (by several (objects, functions, etc)
MangoPtr::ValidityCheckerOpen part of the protected interface of SharedValidity so that checking the validatity state can be done
MangoPtr::ValidityOwnerOpen part of the protected interface of SharedValidity so that ownership ops can be used

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