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Even if unfinished, and even if this never reaches the degree of perfection that I wish it could, I would like to express my gratitude to the many people who have, in many cases unknowingly or indirectly, influenced the creation of the Mango-ptr lib:

Thanks to the many open-source projects which have provided me with important computer tools, the most important probably g++. Thanks to SourceForge for facilitating the publication of this library to the open source communicating. Thanks to the many people who have written articles, either on the web, in CUJ or in CVu/Overload, from which I have learnt important C++ techniques and improved my programming skills, and who have helped deepen my understanding of the role of smart pointers and issues related to their design and implementation.

Thanks to the authors of books like "Effective C++" and "Modern C++ Design", and many others, for giving me ideas on programming techniques and helping me make my code more robust. Thanks to the many contributors to the accu-general emailing list for their answers to my questions, and for providing a forum for discussion of a high technical quality. Thanks to Fate for providing me with the good fortune necessary to carry out this kind of work in my spare time. And last but not least (actually, most importantly :), thanks to my wife for her support and understanding, she makes it all worth it!

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